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PicaView is a versatile add on for Windows Explorer that will change the way you view and edit your photos as well as play your movies and songs. Anyone with a great number of files to sort or edit will find this compact tool to be the ideal solution. With a simple right click of the mouse you can view all you image and video files from one program, saving you the time and effort.
PicaView also has an excellent suite of image editing features. Rotate images with a click of a button and they’ll keep the orientation you have chosen next time you open them. Use PicaView to process images on bulk, another clever time saver, or convert them to another format. Print your images out, or share them with a friend, all with just a few clicks of the mouse. PicaView can access a great number of file formats as well, over 40 in fact. Listen to MP3 or WAV files, watch AVI movies, or compress them to a ZIP archive file if you want. Image files that it can read include, JPEG, ICO, TIFF, GIF, WMF, BMP and many others. PicaView runs on all version of Microsoft Windows from 2000 to 8.

PicaView 2.0

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