NYS Department of State 

Division of Corporations 
Entity Information The information contained in this database is current through 2018.


Selected Entity Name: ALIREAZ INC

Selected Entity Status Information

Current Entity Name: ALIREAZ INC

DOS ID #: 4916390

Initial DOS Filing Date: MARCH 21, 2016


Jurisdiction:  NEW YORK


Current Entity Status: ACTIVE

Registered Agent


This office does not record information regarding the names and addresses of officers, shareholders or directors of nonprofessional corporations except the chief executive officer, if provided, which would be listed above. Professional corporations must include the name(s) and address(es) of the initial officers, directors, and shareholders in the initial certificate of incorporation, however this information is not recorded and only available by viewing the certificate.


*Stock Information

# of Shares: 200

Type of Stock: No Par Value

$ Value per Share: 


*Stock information is applicable to domestic business corporations.
Name History

Filing Date: MAR 21, 2016

Name Type: Actual

Entity Name: ALIREAZ INC

Fictitious name must be used when the Actual name of a foreign entity is unavailable for use in New York State. The entity must use the fictitious name when conducting its activities or business in New York State.

NOTE: New York State does not issue organizational identification numbers.

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