About us

Company Overview: We are an online-based American graphics design company, serving impressive graphics design services, since 2010. We are significantly consecutive (11) years of experience in graphic design and visual design. Our professionalism, design principle, and work procedure reassure the results of our client’s project, and their brand and product, significantly. Since 2013, we have started serving our services worldwide, and therefore we have an experienced designers team and associate/affiliated branches in Bangladesh, Canada, India, and London, as well.

A Story of Began: The ALIREAZ Incorporation prior name was Real Universe. The Real Universe was a lawfully registered business under the City Corporation Act 1986 of The South City Corporation of Dhaka Bangladesh, since 2008. The Real Universe officially named (2010 in Dhaka, Bangladesh) and formed in an Incorporation (March of 2016 in New York, USA) by Reaz Ali, CEO & Founder of ALIREAZ INC. (Formerly known Real Universe). The ALIREAZ Incorporation is a lawfully formed of forming by, under section 402 of the business corporation law of the State of New York. (Department of State Division of Corporations, NYS). The ALIREAZ company Share Stock issuance, and transferability governed by the Article of Incorporation of ALIREAZ INC.

Business hours and days are Monday to Friday from 10:00 AM to 05:00 PM Saturday 12:00 PM to 05:00 PM Sunday Closed. (UTC/GMT – New York Time Zone). Our regular business hours and days may vary the US government and religious holidays.

Our Office Location: Since ALIREAZ an online-based graphic design company, we don’t have an office location. If we ever decide to open an office, we will inform our customers and guests electronically. If required, please use our mailing address PO Box 80360, Brooklyn, NY 11208-0360, US or send us Fax: +1 (718) 732-2425, mentioning the purpose of correspondence.

Types of services we serve: Graphic Design, Logo Design, Branding Design, Visual Identity Design, Marketing & Ads Design, User Interface Design, Publication Design, Art & Illustration Design, Variety of Printing Packaging Design, Custom Design and Custom Print Orders, conditionally.

Our Lifetime event: The unique event 2020 Edition serving free logo or/and graphic design to the charity, church, and non-profitable organizations. This event was sponsored by ALIREAZ Inc on the celebration of 10 years in business. So gender/Age is required to qualify the person to get this event advantage.

The Pattern of Brand Formation: The ALIREAZ brand guidelines represent the formation of the company name, logo, icon, content, and pattern. The ALIREAZ brand name, brand logo, and the brand icon is a corporate core identity, and officially administers entire business and legal documentation of the ALIREAZ Incorporation.


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